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Message From The Dean

Message from the Dean

Dear Students,

I would like to welcome you all to Sakarya University Medical Faculty. Our faculty was established within Sakarya University in 2007, which is one of the leading universities in Turkey. The main aim of our faculty is to train well-qualified physicians with ethical values. In addition to the essential duties of our faculty in education and training, our students also have important responsibilities. It is important for you to have ideals, to walk with faith in success, not to give up on your values, to be individuals who do not compromise on scientific thought, to research and question, and to say "human-first." In addition, it is our duty to provide environments where scientifically strong, universal knowledge and technology, participant and researcher physicians will be trained.

We continue our medical education in our faculty with a strong teaching staff of over 140. The first three years of education are given practically in addition to theoretical courses in equipped research laboratories, experimental research center, and clinical skills laboratory. Its hospital, which has modern facilities, serves the province of Sakarya and other provinces in the region and offers you the opportunity to increase your knowledge, manners, and experience in all medical branches, including minor branches, during internship periods.

As a medical faculty, we applied to Medical Education Assessment and Accreditation Association in 2020 to certify the quality of our education along with its institutional structure, medical education, and academic staff

Dear Students,

If your ideal is the profession of medicine and your aim is to be a good doctor, we are equipped, volunteer, and ready to train you and prepare you for the future. However, do not forget that this path is so difficult but also so honorable. Our medical faculty, which has ideals, will walk into the future with its students who have ideals.

I would like to congratulate you all for being our students.

Prof. Dr. Oğuz KARABAY / Dean